Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Darby's Day at the Doctor

As many of you know, our second daughter, Darby, was diagnosed last August with Type I Diabetes. It was certainly a shock to us...yet a blessing to know why she had not been herself for a while. God was very present with us during that time and has provided many miraculous incidents since that time.

We have learned a lot over these many months. We have learned all about syringes, dosing, ratios of carbs to units of insulin, pump operation, quick set infusion, high blood sugar, low blood sugar.

Today we learned a bit more. Darby was supposed to get her continuous blood glucose monitoring system today. This system is "inserted" in her every three days, like her pump, and is supposed to monitor her blood glucose every 10 seconds and send the number to her pump. It shows trends and how her numbers are going, whether going up or down. Darby has been very nervous about getting this and we have asked for lots of prayers on her behalf.

Well, God answered in an unusual way. Darby's doctor decided that since Darby was so nervous, there was no need to rush it and make her have it today. We will bring it up again at her next visit in July. Darby was thrilled!

We also learned that Darby is dangerously close to being taller than I am as she grew almost three inches since December! We learned that she is dangerously close to puberty. We learned that her pancreas is dangerously close to being completely useless. All these have conspired in recent weeks to make her blood sugar to be pretty high. Oddly high. What-do-we-do-with-these numbers kind of high.

The rollercoaster of life continues!


Melissa Williams said...

Bless ya'lls hearts. Diabetes is complicated and frustrating. It seems to be everything factors into affecting blood sugars. Just know that the Lord knows all about this and even more than we could ever comprehend. I'm so thankful Darby got diagnosed at a very young age...and for her to be on a pump is an awesome thing. Think of how much more it does for her!

Your in my prayers. And I'm with Darby on the nervous thing...sometimes my philosphy is, "It all can wait, procrastinate!" Crazy I know!

amy said...

Oh goodness. That is a lot for a little girl to handle. A lot to be responsible for as well. Aren't you so thankful that her doctor was clued into her feelings? My high school friend and college roommate has Type 1. She got the "all the time" pump inserted when she was in college. I remember her loving how much easier it made her life. She eventually forgot it was even there. Nice not to have to prick yourself all the time either. Something for Darby to look forward to trying out when she is ready.

Kristen and David said...

Wow - lots of changes happening. Bless her heart. That's so much for a little girl to have to think about. Glad she got a nice surprise at the end though!