Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Sweet Memory

I was driving to WalMart with my girls: Bailey, Darby, and Kally. It's always fun to me to be with just them. But today I found myself getting tears in my eyes. What's new you may ask? Knowing how easily I cry. It can be embarrassing!

Bailey was sitting up front with me and she had gotten in the car and put in the High School Musical 3 cd. Instantly all four of us were singing. The music was loud and we kept turning it louder.

It struck me how sweet this was. A moment where there was nothing particularly spectacular, but one that I won't forget. The simplicity of it. The happiness of us singing together. The clear blue Texas sky--bright sunshine and slight breeze. All these things conspired to create a precious memory.

I hope you have a sweet, simple, special memory too!


Kristen and David said...

That's awesome. I love moments like that. Thanks so much for sharing! Thinking about all you girls singing in the car just makes me smile!

Gregg Stutts said...

Those are all the little moments your kids remember, too!