Friday, March 20, 2009

SpiderMan vs. God

I am sitting in Ben's office...two boys are in the tub taking a long-needed bath. I was going to write about missing Little Rock's Greek Fest and the gyros Ben and I used to get there and how we found a great place near our house here in San Antonio to get gyros...but then I heard the boys in the bath.

What is it with the way God has made boys? They are in there with Spider Man, dinosaur tub clings, and goggles and I hear the following:

boy#1: Here is SpiderMan to save you!
boy#2: You are not going to save me! I am going to kill you SpiderMan!
boy#1: No! I will kill your brother and sister instead!
boy#2: I don't want you to kill my brother and sister. I am going to pray you go away!
boy#1: God is here! With these goggles on I can see Him! I win!

I guess boys of every age have been, are, and will always be a mystery to me. I love it!

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