Monday, March 30, 2009


I struggle with a lot of things. I wonder if others do too; but I pretty much have come to the conclusion that others don't seem to. Everyone seems "together", "with it", "confident". Are they really all those things? Am I really the only one struggling? Is it just vanity that makes me feel that way? (you'll find in a minute that vanity is one of the things I am struggling with!)

So here are some of my struggles:
priorities (putting my husband above my children)
comparing with others
my weight
my looks
my children's behavior
mean kids to my kids
mean women to me
me being mean to others
not being a good friend
missing my friend
not being a good daughter

I could actually go on for a long list...but I won't. I am constantly taking these to God and giving them to Him, but then minutes later, I seem to take it back to deal with. Am I the only one struggling?


Melissa Williams said...

You are definetly NOT the only one to struggle at all. I do too..with a lot of the same ones you do! I guess we just put on our "Happy, we have it together faces" around each other...and it only leaves us to wonder huh! I think women ought to share more about struggles with one another. I'm sure glad you I don't feel so alone either!

Cheryl said...

Of course you are not alone in this. I think most women struggle with some if not all of these. I know I do. Thanks for being the brave and bold one to step up and admit your struggles. I should do more of the same.

The 4 Rohrers said...

No, you are NOT alone!!!! Thanks for being real! Your post makes me take a look at myself and desire God to make me more like him.

Amber said...

In my opinion, YOU are the wonder woman! I look up to you in so many ways, and even though you struggle (like we all do), you display so many positive attributes that I strive to be! We all really miss you, your perspective, wisdom, and example!

Anonymous said...

Dido to what Amber said. I sometimes wonder how you keep it all together, are always patient, loving and have a kind word for everyone AND have a happy husband and 5 well behaved and smart children . . . I wonder this when I'm at the end of my rope with my two and all I want to do is run away :) We love and miss you so much! Sara

Alisa Cornelison said...

Oh my Lisa! I would have never thought these items would be on your list. You were/are such a role model for so many of us. I would have never thought of having a large family until we met you and saw that it was doable and that you didn't kill one another and that you still had a happy loving marriage with your husband. I certainly struggle with everything you mentioned PLUS a lot more.

Lisa said...

mom we can not do it at all

Lisa said...

mom you are nice