Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There Are TWO 5:45's in a Day?

I normally don't rejoice at the thought of getting up at 5:45am, but today I got up smiling and, dare I say, humming a tune. I had a date with my friend this morning, just the two of us at Le Madeleine. What a treat! Just us two girls...catching up...delving into issues long laid aside waiting to reconnect. Really talking to a girlfriend is like a breath of fresh trying to figure out what she really wondering what she is really trying to decipher code. It's a precious gift of God that she and I have this friendship at all, but even more precious that He has given us these very few moments to see each other again.

So normally I don't like to acknowledge the fact that there actually are TWO 5:45's in a day, today it was my privilege to not just acknowledge it, but to be getting up greeting it!

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amy said...

Getting together with great friends is definitly something to look forward to, no matter what time of day it occurs. Glad you have that kind of relationship with each other!