Sunday, March 22, 2009

Living the Dream

Is the life you are living today, the exact one you dreamed about in years past?

If you had written a letter to yourself ten years ago detailing what you thought your life would be like today, would it describe your life as it is now?

Did you have dreams of accomplishing things that you have either had to put on hold, or have had to give up all together?

I must say, that for me, my life today is nowhere near what I had envisioned so many years ago. I was on a completely different path twenty five, and even twenty, and maybe even fifteen, years ago. I was getting my degree in Elementary Education, with the thought that I would go back and get my Master's Degree in School Administration and possibly become an elementary school principal. After getting my bachelor's degree, I did teach for several years and then I actually applied, tested, and had gotten into a graduate program and then we had to move. I never finished that goal.

In college, I became certified in scuba and even got to use it on a scuba trip to Grand Cayman Island. I thought it would be great to then get my private pilot's license and learn how to fly a plane. I never finished that goal.

As a kid, my family was privileged to live in Spain for four years. We traveled some, but I thought that as I had free time in my later years, I would travel some more....back to some places I had already been and then off to so many new places. I never finished that goal.

So many people in my life have played golf. I know so much about the game. I thought that it would be wonderful to get golf lessons so that Ben and I could enjoy a hobby together. I never finished that goal.

So many goals unattained. So many dreams put aside to make room for the dreams of the important people in my life. I could focus on that and become bitter, angry, depressed. I could continue to dwell on things I've "lost". I could remind myself daily of how this is not the life I had wanted.

But then I look at the reality of my life. A godly husband, five children, four of my children have made decisions for Christ, working as missionaries, active in our church, doing what we can to help families, homeschooling, pouring into my children daily, Bible study, living close to family, great friends, God's provision for all our needs and so many of our wants...I could go on and on.

So...I could get bitter, but why? I am living the dream! It's just a different dream than I thought I wanted years ago, but one I couldn't have dared asked for. It's a much bigger dream...a much better dream....and a much more satisfying dream! Are you living the dream?

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