Monday, March 16, 2009

Serious Potty Training Day #1

Today is the day! I mean it this time! Really. I'm serious. Well, we are trying anyway....potty training.

Rawley has not only shown no interest, but at times has been openly antagonistic toward the idea of potty training. I have probably given in to his antagonistic notions since he is the last one. The idea of him passing through that stage brings happiness and sadness to this old mama's heart. The joy brought about by the thought of not having diapers on the grocery list anymore, is profoundly drowned out by the thought of my littlest one advancing to another stage, in his ever-increasing need for independence. Since independence has to be from something, I can only assume that he wants independence from me. Not a pleasant I haven't enjoyed with any of my children, but there has always been another little one coming up to take their place. No little one coming up this time...No one to take Rawley's place in the dependence-on-Mom spot...Only an empty hole (waiting to be filled with grandchildren!).

Enough of my melodrama...this is really a good thing (and I will keep saying it until I believe it!) and Rawley is being quite cooperative today. He has on his training underwear, which he has always taken right off the second I've tried to put them on him. He has had them on for a couple of hours now. I am using the timer to help me remember to take him to the bathroom, and he is doing great so far!


Nathan, Shelly & Kaleigh said...

Best of Luck! Are you much more laid back now than you were with Bailey & some of your first ones? I was so stressed about Kaleigh getting potty trained. I'm not sure why now...
I'm sure Rawley will still need his momma for a long time to come, even without those diapers! I'm glad you had fun with your friend.

Jennifer said...

Hannah had the same problem. Even though we are not "potty trained" we do stay in our panties and stay dry for most of the time. I guess time is the key factor in potty training (the one everyone has to learn for themselves)! Good luck!