Saturday, March 14, 2009

Somewhere in Time

For the past several days, I have felt as though I have gone back in time. Everywhere I went, I saw my best friend! When I went to the speech/debate qualifiers, I saw her. When I went to eat, I saw her. When I went into my own kitchen, I saw her.

Just a couple of minutes ago, I was jolted back to the "here and now"! I do mean jolted! A slam! The slam of the cold air in my face. The slam of the car door as it closed. The slam of my house door as I closed it after saying goodbye to her.

For the last many days, Lisa and her family have been in town for the speech/debate tournament. As a side benefit, we were privileged to keep one of her daughters who wasn't participating in most of the tournament. As a judge, I got to see Lisa every day! She and I went out to breakfast and then out to lunch. Her family had dinner in our home twice while they were here.

It was as if we were living in the same city again. What a joy! I felt, for a little moment in time, as though all was well with the world. Then...SLAM! It is shut out again. Maybe to be felt again some other time, but for now, I must be content that God allowed this tiny amount of time to pass between us. But it hurts to say goodbye again. It is sad to see her drive off realizing that I won't run into her at WalMart. It feels like part of me is missing once again, because for just a moment, I felt whole, complete.

Goodbye Lisa! I do love you ever so dearly. I will see you again. Thanks for making these last few days so special.

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Ben DeBusk said...

I thought I was your best friend! ;-(