Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God's Newest Provision for Us!

After 20 years of use, our washing machine went kapoot! I can't complain as Ben and I bought the set when there was just the two of us and continued to wash clothes for us most everyday as we kept adding children, hence adding laundry, for these 20 years! So...what to do when the machine goes out and the folks in my family decline to stop creating laundry?

Well..if you're Ben, you hit Craigslist and wait on God's timing! Almost two weeks without a washing machine, and all of a sudden WHOA! God provided!

We got this two year old set of Whirlpool Duet for $400. The man told us the heating element was out on the dryer. Ben researched it, found it to be true, ordered the part, and for an extra $36, we have a terrific, working set!

Is God awesome or what??!!


Jennifer said...

Now that is a great deal! Lets hope the new ones will last as long as the old ones!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Now even the boys can load and unload laundry! THat's great...train them young. Their wives will adore you for it.
Lisa A.