Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fighting the Good Fight

The bickering in my home has gotten more than I can stand! What is the problem with my children? It frustrates me to almost constantly hear "stop!" "get out!" "go away!"...maybe I am the only one to get the pleasure of hearing these sweet nothings daily...I don't know. But I finally ordered a book about siblings fighting called "Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends". I have only gotten through chapter 2, but there are two really great things in it up to this point.

1. Our home is the most important place to be: encouraging, helpful, understanding, gentle, and patient even though no one may notice!

2. Be a servant: look for opportunities to humble yourself and unselfishly serve others.

So this morning, I sat my three middle children (the main culprits of the daily joy) down and we discussed these two points in detail.

For the hour since the discussion, they have done great! I am under no illusions that the one conversation is all that will be needed, but it's a start.

How do you handle the bickering in your home? Or am I the only one with this problem?


Lee and Jeannette said...

We can relate! Okay, where do we get that book? We need an Italian Christian bookstore! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Thank God for His grace.

Sara and John William's Mom said...

this makes me wonder what Sara and John William's relationship will be like in a couple of years. Growing up, me, my brother and sister fought most of the time, i think this is so common in every family but my mom always reminded us that we had take care of each other and love each other because at the end siblings it's all what we have.... and now i can see that, my brother and sister are my best friends and even the distance we are closer than ever! i'm sure your kids will grow up to be best friends too, even if right now seems chaotic:)