Monday, March 16, 2009

This Week's Grocery Shopping

In my never ending quest to save money, I did a little grocery shopping today at Super Target! Suffice it to say that it is now my new favorite store!! I got all that you see in the picture for $102.00 and used $59.00 worth of coupons and got $10.00 back in Target gift cards for buying the Quaker products. The best coupons I found for Target are on! They have meat coupons for Sutton&Dodge meat at Super Target for $2/1. So I bought 5 packages of steaks for $2.50 (that's for ALL 5 packages!) and 5 boneless chuck roasts for less than $15.00 (again for all of them). I used coupons for almost everything! So, this week, I have met my goal of feeding my family for about $100.00/week.
Tonight Ben grilled the steaks, Bailey roasted the potatoes with rosemary, and we used the rosemary bread (all pictured and bought today) and we concluded that the entire meal was $4.00 and my niece was here so eight of us ate....comes to 50 cents a piece for dinner! Can't beat that and we ate steak!
I have noticed that so many of my friends are beginning to use coupons as well. How are y'all doing?


Amber said...

Way to go! I'm so impressed! Check out my savings again today!

Ben DeBusk said...

I love this woman!

Melissa Williams said...

Well not as good as you!!! I just don't seem to get the coupon thing...I mean I use them but somehow...I can't say I'm saving TONS like you do! You are truly amazing!!!

Nathan, Shelly & Kaleigh said...

Great job! You can really do well saving for such a large family. I wish we had a super Target, but even the regular Target has some good deals with some of the coupons. I stocked up on Huggies last week at Walgreens. Never did the math but they were cheap! Isn't it fun?!